Wicking bed projects 2016 Part 3

Welcome back!

Today I am doing the final video on the wicking bed project for 2016. In this video I show you the current state of the bean beds which have the drainage tube, wrapped in landscape cloth, inserted in a “U” shape in the bottom of the Rubbermaid container.

The 3/4″ drainage rock shown helps fill the voids around the edges of the drainage tube and Rubbermaid container. Note, there is no rock in the center of the tube, as this is where the sand will be going and thus providing the main basis for wicking in the bed. The construction sand and “NOT Play sand” is poured into the bed and the final height of the sand is an 1 1/2″ above the overflow tube. This is to prevent the water settling and causing any odours to escaping the bed. Rob Bob in some of his latest wicking beds I believe uses a sugar cane mulch layer between the sand on the ground in the bed. I don’t have that so I am using a layer of landscape cloth on top of the sand. This layer will act to keep the soil from moving through the sand layer and into the reservoir. Next the soil is added. I am using a potting mix formula which has various types of fertilizer, peat to help the wicking and root growth stimulators. I also am mixing in sheep manure, worm castings and some additional slow release fertilizer before I plant the containers.

Well that’s the completed wicking bed system for 2016. I hope you enjoyed the series.

Again many thanks to Rob Bob and Chris Towerton on thier excellent videos on the subject. Find them both on Youtube and have a look at their videos.

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