May 27 2016 Garden update

Welcome back!

Just a quick video to recap what has happened over the past two weeks in the garden at home. Weather has been quite a change, from zero to mid-30’s C this weekend and with the humidity it will be nearing 40 C or above. Not much rain these past few weeks, just the odd splash and lots of high winds. All adding up to a dry spring thus far. I have planted all the crops and now begins the work of watering and fertilizing the plants.

As for the tomatoes I have grown the Black Cherry and Pineapple seeds came from Hawthorn Farms near Palmerston Ont. They have descriptions on their website of these varieties. My son is using the Amish Paste tomatoes this year. So we will see how all these grow.

Link to Hawthorn Farm website:

The wicking beds have worked out well, except the newest one which I made the reservoir from using a 4″ shop vac type system plastic flex pipe and half of the 4″ drain flex pipe I made the other wicking beds from. It would appear the plastic shop vac pipe I am using, although I cut holes in it, does not work as well as the black 4″ flexible drain pipe. Lesson learned.

Next week I am starting the installation of the irrigation systems to manage watering for the growing season. Something that will include drip and soaker hose type systems. I have some piping and fittings on the way, so this will be a bust time. I will update the systems in the first June garden update.

Thanks for dropping by!

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