June garden update June 14, 2016

Welcome back!

Today being the middle of June 2016, I have a look around at both the home garden and garden at my son’s home. Things are starting to come together at home, but I am still battling the gray squirrels who insist on digging in my containers and raised beds. I have added chicken wire to cover the ground and surround some of the containers where they seem to think it is okay to bury their nuts. I am looking at burying their nuts also, but not ion the way they are!!

The tomatoes are flowering and in the case of the Jaunne Flamme tomatoes they are starting to have little tomatoes growing on the vines. The peppers are also starting to have the looks of pepper development. The garlic are producing scapes, which I am going to cut off to help the garlic put its energy into bulb production. Everything else is coming along for this time of year.

The weather has been quite windy here and any forecasts for much needed rain, has eluded us, for the most part, thus far. We have had some days of rain, but usually quick downpours then clearing and windy. So more steady rain would be nice.

I will be putting up a video later this week or next on the irrigation and watering methods we have setup this year and giving a first review of how we feel they are working. Stay tune for that.

Until next time, bye for now and see you in the garden!

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