July 2016 garden update from home

Welcome back!

Well my wife and I just returned from a two week vacation at my brother in law’s home in Delta BC. We toured a bit on Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the Okanogan Valley in central British Columbia.

I had a chance to meet with a fellow woodturner, Larry McCafferty from the Tiny Trailer Workshop while we were touring the Island. Larry makes wood crafts in his small converted house trailer shop and sells his crafts at the Shirley Country Market located in Shirley B.C. As well he takes photography and videos showing the best of southern Vancouver Island. Check his YouTube channel out for some beautiful photos and videos.

I did not get the chance to meet William from Surrey B.C., but maybe next time William! Cheers mate!  Here is a link to his YouTube channel.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC04beAVC46XK-gOiTqlJ69g

When we returned home, we found that the home garden had grown, and in some instances, out of control. Everything had shot up, including the weeds. A bit of clean up and work needed now to get it back in shape. I will give you a look around in this video at what we came home to.

The rain still has eluded us, although when  it does come, is accompanied by strong winds and quick heavy rain showers. We certainly could use a couple of days of nice steady rain.

Thanks for taking the time to look around. Bye for now and see you in the garden!!


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