2016 Potato harvest in ground and containers

Welcome back

Today we will be looking at the 2016 potato harvest. This year we grew
• Linzer Delikatess – Early
• Roko – Mid
• Agria – Mid
• Russian Blue – late
• German Butterball – Late
• All Blue – Late
• Nicola – Mid
• Cara

To try an experiment with planting, some of the varieties of potatoes were grown in the ground as well as in containers.

The results indicated when harvesting show the best harvest  was from growing in the ground. We think the ground gave the protection from the high temperatures and humidity during our growing season. Although we watered the beds, we had an extreme lack of any rain this year. Straw was added, after the last hilling of the rows, as a cover for the potato beds. The containers just could not cope with the heat and humidity and lack of rain as they dried out quickly and really never recovered.

The total harvest this year was 45 lbs.; made up of 38.5 lbs. from two rows of approx.16 seed potatoes and 6.5 lbs. from 10 containers and 20 seed potatoes.

We have gained some new insight into growing potatoes in ground and more from the dismal container experience. So not all was bad!

Thanks again and see you on down the road in the garden!

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