What has been happening

Welcome back!
Well it has been quite a while since I have had god old shop time. I have been busy with life, family, and renos and I have not had a chance to get out here.
Today I am making a bowl from a blank of Kentucky Coffee Tree.
I am using my new toys from D-Way Tools, both a 1/8 ” and a 1/4 “ beading tool. Quality made tools.  I am just starting the learning process as to how to make beads with them properly.
I am finishing the bowl with two new products; Yorkshire Grit and Hampshire Sheen. I got these sanding and finishing products through Rob Summerlin in Canada.
My views on Yorkshire Grit and The Hampshire Sheen are that are both fantastic products. The Yorkshire Grit does a fine sanding jo that makes the surface of the turning extremely sooth, almost a 1000 grit glass finish. The Hampshire Sheen Original completes the finishing process with a very nice low luster finish. I think I will get the Hampshire Sheen High Gloss and try that one out also.
Links to the items I have used in the projects that I have shown are:
Hampshire Sheen:
Rob Summerlin – Woodslee Summer craft http://www.woodsleesummercraft.ca/
Martin Saban- Smith  http://www.msabansmith.com/

Yorkshire Grit: Glyn Senior http://yorkshire-grit.com/

D-Way Tools:  Dave Schweitzer http:/d-waytools.com/

Pen Supplies, William Wood-Write: http://www.penblanks.ca/home.php
Mason Jar lids ideas, Ron Brown’s Best: http://ronbrownsbest.com/index.php
Wood Database online http://www.wood-database.com/
Until next time, see you in the Workshop!

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