Woodturning with the Old Woodworker – Spalted Maple bowl with Milliput

Welcome back!
I turned the bowl to have a recess around the top lip about an 1/8” deep and ¼” wide. I prefinished the bowl by sanding to 240grit, then used Yorkshire Grit and finished with one coat of Hampshire Sheen, High Gloss.  I then mixed and inset the Milliput into the recess and left it over night for the Milliput to cure. I turned the bowl the next day, sanded it back and reapplied Yorkshire Grit and finished the bowl with 2 coats of Hampshire Sheen High Gloss.
The bowl turned out great. Inspired now, I will see what else I can dream up to use Millput with.
Please visit the websites and read up about Yorkshire Grit and Hampshire Sheen Products, they are easy to use products with great results. By the way, I am not paid by either Glyn Senior or Martin Saban-Smith to promote their products, it is just my feeling on how well both Yorkshire Grit and Hampshire Sheen Products work.
Yorkshire Grit –  http://yorkshire-grit.com/
Hampshire Sheen – http://www.hampshiresheen.com/
Visit Jim Overton’s YouTube channel for some Milliput inspiration – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6h82LH3PtdiSHaj_7f09Fg
Also, visit Nick Zammit – NZ Woodturning – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3-0S7vXfwYY2jj5EkMpymA
and Harry Watts – The Little Garden Shed Workshop – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHEczAGapgRq37HBQM_FtoA
for more inspiration on the use of Millput.
Yorkshire Grit and Hampshire Sheen Products can be purchase in Canada from Rob Summerlin – Woodslee Summercraft – http://www.woodsleesummercraft.ca/
Information about Millput – http://milliput.com/
Thanks for stopping by until next time, see you in the Workshop!

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