Woodturning with The Old Woodworker – Beaded Figured Maple bowl with colour

Welcome back
Today I am venturing into the world of colour on turnings.  I have a 3” tall x 6” wide round piece of Figured Maple which I turned into a bowl.
I used my round and square end carbide tools for the main part of turning. I then used my ½” round and ¾” scrapers to finish scrap the bottom, sides and inside the bowl.  On the side of the bowl, I used my ¼” beading tool to add a series of beads. I used my newly made “screw driver” point tool on the bottom of the bowl to add additional decoration to the recess area. For information on how to make a point tool from a screw driver see the video links below from Sam Angelo, the Wyoming Woodturner.
Before adding any colour I put on two coats of sanding sealer to act as a barrier so the subsequent dye would stay on the surface of the bowl.  The colour added to the beaded area and base of the bowl is “Ebony Black Aniline Dye Stain” (a dye particle plus water mixture from Lee Valley).  After applying the two coats of sanding sealer, denibbing between and after each coat, I took my 1/8” parting tool and added a flat spot between each bead so that the underlying Maple would show through the black dye beaded section on the side. I then sanded and prefinished the bowl section with Yorkshire Grit. Two coats of Minwax Wipe-on poly were then added as the final top coat.
First adventure seems to be a success
Sam Angelo, the Wyoming Woodturner – Point Tool from a Philips screw driver https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRw6rBnyh08
Until next time,
See you in the Workshop!!

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