First attempt at Shaftless Crushgrind Peppermills

This is just a quick update showing some shaftless Crush Grind pepper mills.

shaftless-crushgrind-peppermills-1280x837Quite a challenge working through the use of a Robert Sorby tool which makes the slots for the mechanism to lock into.  The instructions also did not give the proper drill hole sizes for a “press fit”. They were written for a “glue in” fit which is messy.

After doing some searching on the internet in woodturning and woodworking forms forums, I found an article “Making a Pepper Mill Using Shafted Crush Grind Mechanisms
By Joe Dusel (” which gave instructions for a shaft version, but listed the sizes of drill bits for a press fit scenario. Although I am using shaftless versions, I just skipped the 7/8″ drill bit for the top of a shaft mechanism and made sure the bottom was a 3″ total length (drilled 1 3/4″ for 1″ and 1 1/2″ for 2″. The other change was to make sure the spigot for the top half of the mechanism was turned down to 1 1/2″ diameter, made a 1/8″ recess using the Robert Sorby recess tool for the tabs of the mechanism to lock into and drilled a 1″ hole all the way through the top part of the mill. Now all I have to do now is fit small “O” rings into the top caps of the mills to make sure the cap stays on the top of the mill. I also had to make some jigs to help during the making and assembly of the mills. The details are in the article by Joe Dusel.

They seem to work out okay based on my testing after assembly.

Fun project once I got it figured out and the right instructions.

See you in the Workshop!



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