Canadian West and East parsnip comparison 2017

Welcome back!

Today I want to show you the types of methods I am using to grow the parsnips at the home garden this year. This will be part of a west versus east parsnip comparison with William Coleman in Surrey BC. Link to his channel below.

The beds themselves are made from one recycle container about 20″ deep, and three wicking beds made from 77 Liter garbage containers. You can find the way I made my wicking beds in my videos from last year.

The one wicking bed with the Gladiator parsnips in is filled with last years promix mixture. The second wicking bed is filled with triple mix to simulate growing in a garden bed. The third wicking bed has 4- PVC pipes and only 2 bags of construction sand in the bottom. The 3″ tubes are pushed into the sand to be able to wick the water into the tubs.

So we will see how this goes this year. I hope the old Gladiator seeds come up as they are two years old.

Link to William Coleman’s YouTube channel


As always, bye for now, and I hope to see you on down the road back in the garden!

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