Home garden update April 17, 2017

Welcome back. Just a quick update on the progress of the plants I have started thus far and the first look around at the home gardens.


Spring has been interesting thus far. Weather wise we have had some snow, summer temperatures, and now we are back to spring temperatures. Lots of rain has fallen, but that is a good thing as we need to stock up on moisture.

The peppers and tomatoes are coming along. I had issues with a self watering system I used to start my peppers, where the soil developed algae which did not look good and I don’t know if it did any damage. Repotted the peppers with new soil and added some Myke Vegetable and Herb mix with mycorrhizae to the soil around the pepper plug and on the plant roots

After watching South Paw Davey and Dale Calder’s YouTube videos, I have also started a mushroom kit as an experiment. I got the kit from the Bay of Fungi in New Brunswick. $25 per kit and so far it has started to produce. I have Lion’s Mane growing with Blue Oyster in the refrigerator to start later.

In keeping with the House Tomato experiment that Dale Calder and Kevin Bradley have on the go, I have started 4 plants. They all have come up so we will see how these inside the house tomatoes grow and produce over the season.

My wife’s garden has started to produce the spring crocuses and daffodils blooms. Other vines are and bushes are starting to show signs of growth and bloom so it definitely is looking like spring out there.

I have made the started to prepare vegetable beds and containers for the up coming year. Setup some of my wicking beds and set out the cloth pouches for vegetables and flowers. Lots more to do, but it is a good feeling to get out and play in the dirt after a long winter !!


So bye for now, and I hope to see you back in the garden!

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