Home garden update May 16, 2017

Welcome back

Just a very quick video to give you an update on the home container and raised bed garden. Well the rain in May and cool temperatures have put a stop to putting plants out. This week is our first week of warm temperatures both day and night. Mid week it is forecasted to be around + 30 C. Last week we have three nights of frost. So quite the swing

I am hoping to start hardening off the tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers to get them in next week.

I have started to put most of the other seeds directly in the ground, those being peas, carrots, beets, spring onions, and leeks.

I have the climbing and bush beans growing in root trainers. I got the information on the root trainers from watching MuddyBootz. Thanks Nigel.

So the plan is to have the remaining containers planted with herbs, flowers and some veg plants, that I don’t have luck with, such as celery, from the garden center all planted up in the next few weeks.

Then next to setup the watering system of containers and raised beds using the same timer and drip irrigation components as last year.

Stay tune in the next week I should have a video up on growing parsnips as part of the “West Coast versus Back East” with fellow Canadian gardener William Coleman.


As always, bye for now, and I hope to see you on down the road… back in the garden!

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