Revamped Website

Welcome to my website. I have been running a website for a few years now.  Mainly to discuss my adventures in woodworking and gardening with a sprinkle of photography.

Well today, I have started a new purpose for this website and that is to showcase my various creations from my workshop only.

I have added a new page to the website ” SHOP for crafts” that will be used to display of the items for sale. Please have a look at it and if you choose, perhaps buy an item or two.

I have moved the pictures of the various crafts I have made and projects that I have done over the years under a single page “Gallery”. Please take the time and have a look at them. Perhaps it can inspire your projects or maybe we can develop and handcraft an item to meet your special requirements.

To contact me for any project you wish to have hand made, please fill out the form in the “Contact” page with some details and a way I can contact you to discuss the details of your project. Costs for these types of projects will be determined based on time and material and as well as taxes and shipping if applicable.

Thanks for dropping by.

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