The Craftsman

The old woodworkerHello and welcome to H F Bowern Designs

My name is Harold Bowern, but call me Harold.

I  became interested in woodworking at a young age working with my father building small projects around the house, on our farm, and helping nuild the buildings and projects for my father’s business. I  enjoy the challenges and found the experience of working with your hands to make something both enjoyable and rewarding.

I enrolled in the technical classes in high school where I graduated with a architectural drafting and woodworking diploma.

As the field for cabinetmaking was not a viable employment option at the time of my graduation from high school, I went into the business world, where I had a successful business career, that spanned 35 plus years, in the areas of finance, inventory, and production control of food manufacturing, electrical, and electronic businesses and in the service management software business as an installer, trainer and consultant.

When time and family permited, I persued various woodworking projects and building and renovating our homes as well as helping others with their woodworking projects.

Of sepcial note, another major  influence in my woodworking was my father in-law. When Len retired from farming life, he also got into the designing and crafting of cabinetry, furniture, household wooden items, and grandfather clocks for friends and family. The time spent exchanging ideas and concepts with dad was a belssing and will never be forgtten.

I had an opportunity to look again at my career course and so wanting to make a new start, I went back to school, college to be specific, and graduated with honours in 2005 from Humber College with an Industrial Woodworking Technician diploma.  After graduation, I started and continue to operate H F Bowern Designs  from my small woodworking shop located in Brampton, Ontario.

I take limited commsions designing and crafting solutions from clients and fill the requests from my family.

My philosophies in woodworking are

  • Never think you know it all
  • Your never to old to learn something new
  • You always continue to learn and hone your skills, either from trying new ways of doing things or from everyone of your own mistakes
  • Share your skills and knowledge
  • Have fun

I thank you for your interest.