All decked out – Progress on deck building

Just a brief update showing what I have been upto for te past three weeks,deconstructing and rebuidling a deck in my backyard. This is just a show of what I have done and not a detail build.

Until next time, see you in the Workshop! –

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Anniversary turning – Lightweight Walnut Bowl

Well today I am going to turn a little bowl that I will be giving to my wife for our 41st wedding anniversary on June 1.

The wood is walnut and is kind of punky in that it is very lightweight with a few inclusions and feels very grainy.

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Gardening and Deck Update June 8

Welcome back guys and gals. Well this is a small update from both the home and my son’s gardens.  I also have a bit of footage showing the current status of a deck reno at home. Plants are beginning to look good in the containers and beds at home and my son  just planted out most of his garden last weekend. The potato pots have been topped up with triple mix and garden fertilizer and a great crop of strawberries are developing at my son’s garden. Raspberries are growing well at home. Tomato plants at home have small fruits or flowers.

I hope you enjoy the update

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Planting potatoes and vertical structures

Welcome back.  Well this wee I am at Craig’s place planting my potatoes from Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes. I am planting Amarosa, Russet Burbank, Pacific Russet, Linzer Delekatass, Norland, Shepody, and Russian Blue.  At home I have a bag of Cara going and they are growing well, I have just topped the bag up.

I also give you a look at the trellis system Craig has devised for three of the raised beds. Basically 2 x 4 and 4 x 4 timber with 4′ x 6′ sections of wire used in concrete to provide a good solid system to support the vertical gardening.  He has three beds with the system mounted to the removal cap systems on these beds.  On  the fourth bed he has his raccoon enclosure (to keep them out not in) so he can grow corn.

I give you a quick look at the greenhouse setup, which he will be improving as the season progresses.

Until next time, take care and see you in the Garden!

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Carving on a bowl – Part 3, adding the final touches

Well finally I have finished the mahogany bowl. I added a walnut inlay to the top and then sand it up and with several coats of Doctor’s Workshop – Walnut Oil and wax.  This was a humbling experience to try and figure out carving and then how to incorporate it on a bowl. What I have learned is I have a long way to go to becoming a carver and also one who can add carvings to turnings. Life is about new experiences and the learning will never stop.

In my travels on researching carving on turnings, I found a great turner who also does carving. His name is Cyrus Fillmore. If you are interested in adding carving to your bowls, give Cyrus a watch. You will learn lots and come away with ideas of your own.

See you in the Workshop!


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