YouTube as a resource

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YouTube has been the greatest venue, for me, to see how and what woodturners and woodworkers of all skill levels, have to share in their videos.They all have contributed to ideas for furniture, cabinetry, bowl turning, spindle work, trinkets, boxes, and general skills development.

Some of the woodturners I subscribe to on YouTube include:

  • Allen Tyler
  • AsWoodTurns – Alan Straton
  • Bob Hamilton
  • Brendan Stemp
  • Cap’n Eddie Castelin
  • Carl Jacobson
  • Erik Anderson
  • Frank Howarth
  • Guy Bradbury
  • Mike Waldt
  • OzWorkshop – Robert Hull
  • Robbiethewoodturner
  • woodturningwithtim1 – Tim Yoder

Some woodworkers who I also subscribe to on YouTube:

  • Charles Neil (finishing expert)
  • Paul Sellers
  • John Heisz
  • Steve Ramsey
  • Steve Carmichael
  • Matthias Wandel
  • Alex Harris

These guys put out videos that helps the woodturner or woodworker on skill developing, providing woodworking, finishing, and turning information in general and as well as providing ideas and methods for wood working and turning projects.

Having a coffee in the morning and watching their videos has helped me understand and try new methods for turning as well as giving me ideas to try on my lathes.So if you need inspiration or just need to know how to do something on your lathe, look these guys up on YouTube. Then sit back and watch. You are never to old to learn!

If you come upon a great YouTube resource for wood turning or woodworking, let me know

See you in the workshop!

New year, new direction

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Well here we are in a new year.  A lot of things are happening this year.

For one thing, my son, his wife and my little grand daughter are moving to New Zealand so that Christi can pursue a dream of hers, to become a doctor. Canada doesn’t seem to like people from Canada entering into medical school.  O well I could rant on about this, but never the less she is getting her opportunity to go for it.

I have made up my mind that this year’s projects will be centered around getting our house in order.  Completing things that I have started over the years, but have left because of commitments to do kitchen cabinetry.

However, also in the mix are new things that I have never tried before, such as;

Woodturning – thread chasing and epoxy resin

This year,  I am going to try and become a better woodturner and try some new projects/  These new methods and projects were inspired by YouTube videos from Brendan Stemp, Sam Angelo, Carl Jacobson, Robbie the Woodturner and Mike Waldt. There are many great wood turners who share their many turning talents on YouTube. Check them out.

I have amassed new tools over the past year to add to my turning tool arsenal. I bought myself a new hollowing tool, a Robert Sorby medium hollower, which will work well on boxes, bowls and hollow forms.

After watching Sam Angelo’s videos on YouTube all about thread chasing I decided to add this to my box making. So I purchased the full set of Robert Sorby 16tpi thread chasing tools, arm support and relief cutter. This will add to the art of box and toy making.

I have also decided to try some epoxy resin techniques to add some new dimension to bowl turning.  This may include the purchase or setup of a vacuum chamber.  I had watched a video on YouTube from Brendan Stemp who lives in Australia and have had communications with him to help me get a vacuum chamber setup, so we will see if I can get to this.

Steam bending

I am also interested in doing some steam bending this year.  I have watched several videos and have some really good information from Michael Fortune, an expert woodworker and artisan who lives here in Ontario. My college professor knew him and spoke highly of him and Michael also does articles for Fine Woodworking Magazine. I need to get a small steam generator, which Earlex sells and build myself a steam box, but adding process to furniture and cabinetry adds a new dimension to the craft.

Ultimate goal of the process

Well it will be a busy year and my to-do list around the house will likely take me into next year, but the goal of this push is to be in a position to move to a new house with more indoor space for a workshop that I can then work all year around.

I will keep you posted, and hopefully do some videos so you can follow me during the trip.

See you in the Workshop!

Where to get started in woodturning

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I first started dabbling in woodturning with my father-in-law, he was the best resource I had. He was able to turnout beautiful tables, stands, and other items on his Veil lathe with the very few tools he had. In fact, it was dad who was instrumental in me obtaining my first lathe.  It was a Veil lathe, the same as he had, to which I later added a duplicator. The lathe allows for small bowls but is really centered on spindle work.

Dad’s brother-in-law, a retired OPP officer and tinker at large, is a woodturner, who with the skills to turn and develop homemade tools from files and steel he was able to get from people and his garage sale ventures.

Both of these guys were very frugal when it came to spending anything on tools and yet were able to develop a good line of homemade tools that did what they were after for their woodturning and woodworking projects.

Their resources were books, wood shows, or just watching other people. Internet was never an influence on them.  Passing of knowledge and keen interest were their main drawing points.

Great teachers for a young man like me Smile

See you in the Workshop!

A start in pen making

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Well I have taken another step in wood turning. To develop my skills in turning I have taken on pen making.

I started by getting pen kits from William Wood-Write Ltd., a local pen supply company in Guelph Ontario. The quality of the kits has been spectacular and that goes with the service and help.

I started into this hobby after looking at the videos posted by woodturners on YouTube. People like Oz Workshop, Captain Eddie Castelin, Carl Jacobson, RJBWoodTurner, and Allen Tyler. So I ordered a few kits, mandrel and supplies from William Wood-Write and used up some of my scrap stock from my cabinet and furniture projects to try and see if I could turn a few pens.

Well …..

Custom Wooden Pen - Gold Deco Slimline - Bocote wood

Custom Wooden Pen - Slimline Stylus - Mahogany wood

 Custom Wooden Pen - Streamline - Mahogany wood

Custom Wooden Pen - Stylus - Zebra wood

Now it seems this start is become an obsession as well as a stress reliever. It takes very few tools to make the pens from rough stock to finished turning. Finishes can be as simple as CA glue or rub on friction polishes.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

By the way click on my “Handcrafted Items” page link above, to view other items I have crafted.

See you in the Workshop!

Save a tree and still get good woodworking magazines

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The age of digital magazines has saved lots of trees.  I take great pride in choosing magazines that provide great information and that have digital subscriptions or have means of getting digital copies through third party websites.

Magazine such as Fine Woodworking and Popular Woodworking provide its subscribers with the option of choosing to get their monthly magazine through digital subscription.

Fine Woodworking also has an online subscription which allows the user to not only get the monthly magazine online but also get a full search and access to older articles and discussions and BLOGs from its editors and contributors. There is also a Windows 8 app that allows magazine and online subscribers to view the monthly magazines online.

The Woodworking Institute.com  (GMC Publications) has a great set of magazines for turners, carvers cabinet and furniture makers and those looking for woodworking plans in general.  These magazines are available through their partners websites in digital form.  I get my digital copies through “Pocket Mags.com” http://www.pocketmags.com/ They are available in single copies or subscriptions and are sold in British pounds.

Another one that I get is from the American Association of Woodturners. This magazine covers projects and general tips and topics for woodturners.

Links to these magazines are in the links section of my BLOG.

So if you have a choice, go GREEN and get digital magazines. You save trees for your next woodworking project. :)

See you in the Workshop !

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