Welcome to H F Bowern Designs. 

My name is Harold Bowern.

This website is dedicated to my passion for designing and making handcrafted items through woodworking and woodturning techniques and processes.

Over the years I have crafted individual pieces of cabinetry and furniture as well as designing, making and installing kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

I have recently stepped into the world of woodturning, and have made wide selection of traditional functional items such as bowls, boxes, hollow forms, and pens, and other utilitarian items.

To enhance and add to my repertoire of skills, I am exploring the world of textures and colour through the use of various medias and effects such as acrylic paints, stains, resin, texturing tools, pyrography, and woodcarving. 

Take time to explore my Portfolio of work. My BLOG which will detail my recent work.

Thanks for dropping by.

Why buy Handcrafted

Handmade items reflect the ideas, creativity, artistic skills, moods, vision and emotions of its craftsman maker. No two items are exactly alike. Variations in the materials, composition, textures physical appearance all form the essence of the item to make it one of a kind. Handmade items, because of their nature, can be customized to meet the individual needs of the consumer, whether that be material, style or makeup of the item itself.

Handcrafted items are made by artisans who support their local economy. They tend to source things as local as they can and thus support other local craftspeople or local companies. 

So, go out and explore your local artisan talent and support them as well as your local economy, by buying their one of a kind unique handcrafted items, that meet your needs.

Mass produced items generally are made very similar to tight specifications, due in large part to economies of scale in the mass production process. When you buy a mass-produced item, it is the same as the Jones have, you may have a different colour or shape, but there are a lot of those same items of colour and shape out there.