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H F Bowern Designs is a small woodworking workshop that specializes in the design and creation of custom cabinetry, furniture, and unique handcrafted items that are treasured by our clients.

Each piece is made based on the individual needs of our client. We do not mass produce nor inventory finished items for sale. Each project has a timeline, where all aspects of the design, material choices, production methods and finishing processes are scheduled. As such, the total time requirement for the completed project, may place the delivery out many months. We do not believe in hurrying the processes of any of our crafted solutions, if it ends up jeopardizing the quality of the custom item being made. Our clients appreciate this approach.

Please take the time to browse our various galleries that show sample projects we have crafted for our clients.

If you are looking for handmade items from wood, please contact us through our contact page so we can arrange a meeting to discuss your unique requirements.