Woodturning with The Old Woodworker 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge

Welcome back
This is my entry for the 2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge. It is a series of model trains made from wooden doweling and scraps from my shop.
The Train engine has a cab (7/8” dia. Turning 3/4” long) a boiler (5/8” dia. turning 1 ½” long) and a smoke stack (3/8” dia. 5/8” long with a ¼” tenon) all mounted on a ¼” piece of wood 1” wide and 2 ¾”
The tanker has a body (5/8” dia. 2 ½” long) mounted on a ¼” piece of wood 1” wide and 2 ¾”
The caboose a body (3/4” square 2 ½” long) mounted on a ¼” piece of wood 1” wide and 2 ¾”
Each of the cars received wheels that were made from 3/8” dia. Exotic wood dowel rod. The wheels were cut to 7/8” length. I lost the footage of cutting the caboose top for a back raised viewing tower.
I painted all the train cars with red Acrylic paint that I had watered down slightly for easier spreading. I applied silver paint from an art pen. The roof of the caboose viewing tower was painted black.
I have also included in the pictures at the end of the video some different designs options for the cars. These were painted by my sister who has a way better painting skill than me.
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Woodturning with The Old Woodworker – Beaded Figured Maple bowl with colour

Welcome back
Today I am venturing into the world of colour on turnings.  I have a 3” tall x 6” wide round piece of Figured Maple which I turned into a bowl.
I used my round and square end carbide tools for the main part of turning. I then used my ½” round and ¾” scrapers to finish scrap the bottom, sides and inside the bowl.  On the side of the bowl, I used my ¼” beading tool to add a series of beads. I used my newly made “screw driver” point tool on the bottom of the bowl to add additional decoration to the recess area. For information on how to make a point tool from a screw driver see the video links below from Sam Angelo, the Wyoming Woodturner.
Before adding any colour I put on two coats of sanding sealer to act as a barrier so the subsequent dye would stay on the surface of the bowl.  The colour added to the beaded area and base of the bowl is “Ebony Black Aniline Dye Stain” (a dye particle plus water mixture from Lee Valley).  After applying the two coats of sanding sealer, denibbing between and after each coat, I took my 1/8” parting tool and added a flat spot between each bead so that the underlying Maple would show through the black dye beaded section on the side. I then sanded and prefinished the bowl section with Yorkshire Grit. Two coats of Minwax Wipe-on poly were then added as the final top coat.
First adventure seems to be a success
Sam Angelo, the Wyoming Woodturner – Point Tool from a Philips screw driver
Until next time,
See you in the Workshop!!
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Woodturning with The Old Woodworker – Sassafras platter with Bubinga accents

Welcome back
This time I am using a piece of Sassafras and two ¼” strips of Bubinga to create a shallow platter. Finished off with Yorkshire Grit and Shellawax friction polish.
A very dusty and smelly turn. The Sassafras has a very distinctive spicy odour. Full face shield and lung protection is a MUST.  The Sassafras looks like ash with its open grains. The platter finished up very nice after sanding from 80 grit to 240 grit and adding three applications of Shellawax.
For information on the various “The Wood Database”  There is a good selection of information on wood species including sample pictures of the wood. Have a look and see the information about what you are turning.
Until next time,
See you in the Workshop!!
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Woodturning with the Old Woodworker – Spalted Maple bowl with Milliput

Welcome back!
I turned the bowl to have a recess around the top lip about an 1/8” deep and ¼” wide. I prefinished the bowl by sanding to 240grit, then used Yorkshire Grit and finished with one coat of Hampshire Sheen, High Gloss.  I then mixed and inset the Milliput into the recess and left it over night for the Milliput to cure. I turned the bowl the next day, sanded it back and reapplied Yorkshire Grit and finished the bowl with 2 coats of Hampshire Sheen High Gloss.
The bowl turned out great. Inspired now, I will see what else I can dream up to use Millput with.
Please visit the websites and read up about Yorkshire Grit and Hampshire Sheen Products, they are easy to use products with great results. By the way, I am not paid by either Glyn Senior or Martin Saban-Smith to promote their products, it is just my feeling on how well both Yorkshire Grit and Hampshire Sheen Products work.
Yorkshire Grit –
Hampshire Sheen –
Visit Jim Overton’s YouTube channel for some Milliput inspiration –
Also, visit Nick Zammit – NZ Woodturning –
and Harry Watts – The Little Garden Shed Workshop –
for more inspiration on the use of Millput.
Yorkshire Grit and Hampshire Sheen Products can be purchase in Canada from Rob Summerlin – Woodslee Summercraft –
Information about Millput –
Thanks for stopping by until next time, see you in the Workshop!
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What has been happening

Welcome back!
Well it has been quite a while since I have had god old shop time. I have been busy with life, family, and renos and I have not had a chance to get out here.
Today I am making a bowl from a blank of Kentucky Coffee Tree.
I am using my new toys from D-Way Tools, both a 1/8 ” and a 1/4 “ beading tool. Quality made tools.  I am just starting the learning process as to how to make beads with them properly.
I am finishing the bowl with two new products; Yorkshire Grit and Hampshire Sheen. I got these sanding and finishing products through Rob Summerlin in Canada.
My views on Yorkshire Grit and The Hampshire Sheen are that are both fantastic products. The Yorkshire Grit does a fine sanding jo that makes the surface of the turning extremely sooth, almost a 1000 grit glass finish. The Hampshire Sheen Original completes the finishing process with a very nice low luster finish. I think I will get the Hampshire Sheen High Gloss and try that one out also.
Links to the items I have used in the projects that I have shown are:
Hampshire Sheen:
Rob Summerlin – Woodslee Summer craft
Martin Saban- Smith

Yorkshire Grit: Glyn Senior

D-Way Tools:  Dave Schweitzer http:/

Pen Supplies, William Wood-Write:
Mason Jar lids ideas, Ron Brown’s Best:
Wood Database online
Until next time, see you in the Workshop!

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